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History of Humanity - Egyptian Pyramids and Camel Decoration

The Roman Empire was one of the greatest civilizations ever established in the world and was based out of the settlement of Rome in modern day Italy. From here the Romans ruled an empire from Spain to eastern Europe and Africa all around the Mediterranean Basin and commanded an impressive presence. The collapse of the Roman Empire is one of the most discussed and analyzed periods of history and has captivated scholars and historians for centuries.

The Roman Empire is what gives the cultural foundation for the enter western world as it exists today and we it to the Romans for our law, architecture, ideology and much more. Learn more about this fascinating civilization and all of the intricate details following the rise and fall of the empire of Rome. This website picks up after the establishment of the Hellenistic period by Alexander the Great as discussed in the Alexander the Great. For a more ancient history of the region see Ancient Mesopotamia as this covers most of the ancient Old World (For the New World see America History.