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Revolutionary War

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The American Revolutionary War was one of the most important events in the history of the world and sparked the growth of the largest superpower nation that the world has ever seen. Born in fire from the British Empire, the Patriots fought against a massive overwhelming force and gained their independence through blood and iron.

They would eventually go onto establish the United States which would spark revolutions around the globe known as the Age of Revolutions and see the de-colonization of the New and Old World. The history of the United States would dominate most of the 19th, 20th centuries and is presently the most influential nation on planet Earth.

There were many legitimate grievances the colonists had with the imperial monarchs across the Atlantic. The Crown's refusal to listen to them, as well as respond with authoritarian tactics only resulted in more conflict and resentment. Eventually this broke out into open war with many other foreign powers such as France influencing the outcome. Learn more at Revolutionary War. This website is followed by United States History.