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Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great

The Alexander the Great was the massive ancient empire that was conquered by Alexander the Great in his campaigns against the Greeks and the Persian Empire. Having beat the emperor Darius III he soon conquered his way from Macedon in Europe all the way to India without losing a single battle. Following his mysterious death in the equally mysterious Babylon his empire would fall apart through infighting by his various and advisors and former generals who each claimed a fragment of the empire as their own.

From here the Hellenistic Period developed which was one of the greatest periods of cultural diffusion in the world and allowed Greek culture to spread all around the world and influence people like no other period in history. However, there was a darker side to the period which was rife with political strife and violence that tore the Hellenistic kingdoms apart and allowed them to be conquered by many different cultures including the Roman Empire.

This website picks up where Ancient Mesopotamia left off between the transition between the Ancient and the Classical and Hellenistic Periods. This website follows the development of Greece and Macedon prior to the birth of Alexander as well as his campaigns against the Persian Empire and all of the following Wars of the Diadochi that followed. This website blends with Roman History and continues the story due to the conquering of the Hellenistic kingdoms by the Romans.