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The History of Humanity is a organization aimed and protecting, archiving and analyzing the real story and origins of mankind. From the earliest days of pre-history up to the present day, we aim to collect all historically relevant documents, images, and content into a single location for easy access and free education. Like a modern day Library of Alexandria, this resource will aid both scholars, students and anyone else who wishes to walk through its halls.

In addition to providing digital access to hundreds and thousands of historical documents, books, novels, paintings and maps available through the History Archive there are also digital museums available for many of the famous eras of history. This is not Hollywood and we aim to deliver history in the most unbiased manner as possible. These digital museums are designed in an encyclopedia format in order to allow you to fully immerse yourself in whatever subject you wish to study.

Through liberating education via the internet we aim to make the real true facts of history more easily accessible to everyone. We also hope to make real history and facts entertaining to all generations through the use of historical paintings and drawings for illustrations.

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Free to the World

We offer the content of this project to its rightful owners of all mankind through the internet. We aim to digitize all of the classics and other historical primary and secondary sources to be easily accessible on any device. As long as someone can get access to the internet they can download the content to their device and read it offline as well.

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We support the servers and other infrastructure through advertisements and donations. If you do not wish to see advertisements on any of our websites consider donating just $5.00 and you will receive a login and a one year membership to view all of the content on any device from a desktop to a mobile phone without ads. We do not aim to profit off of this project and our team consists of archaeologists, historians, scientists, philosophers and experts of many other academic disciplines who use the revenue to simply sustain the costs of running a website and expand the content as well.

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